Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crystal Copper Pyramid For Deep Meditations


any explorers out there?!
moon over my Himmy...Himalayan that is
16 Mountain and Full Moon.jpg - Full moon rising over the Himalayan mountain peaks, glowing in the twilight.
combining the power of crystals with the power of a copper pyramid produces very deep meditations for the user...
you may acquire all the needed copper to build this at any Lowes or Home Depot and the crystals may be purchased at new Age stores or on-line..
total cost for materials will be about $400 as of November, your own time and labor....
you will also need a compass, a 4' level, some shims, some duct tape...

frames in copper and 8 (1 to 2 inch) crystals at base and mid-height...and a humongous 6 by 4 inch crystal at the top...align true North...and angle at 51 degrees just like that one in Egypt...awesome mind-blowing stuff!...learn the truth of the your soul...the real one...not the one that everyone tries to tell you about...yeahman!
for $650.00, you can have one shipped to you, ready to assemble. 

the humongous crystal at the apex

Does size matter?...with crystals...yeah it does

smaller crystals along sides at mid-height and at base